I Get Bucket(s) Lists

I love organization and I love lists. l love pretending that I'm super organized so I write things down in big to-do lists in order to see what needs to happen, where and by when. The problem is that I tend to make about 10 lists and I can never find the right one when I need it resulting in complete disarray. Regardless, my favorite and the most beautiful thing about lists, is being able to cross something off that list once you've accmomplished it. That epic moment of finally drawing a thick line through that one task, is so so freakin' fulfilling. That's why I like to write things that I've already done, so I can feel more accomplished than I really am. But that's neither here nor there.

Stay organized my friends

Because of my deep, deep love for lists, I have created a bucket list. It is my physical reminder to be intentional about living this beautiful life, not just existing. Some are childhood dreams and some just came to mind as I started jotting these numbers down. This is the list of all lists that I have ever written and I fully intend to do every single one of them. I will be adding more items as crazy little ideas come into my head and with a little help from Jesse and a lot of help from Jesus, I will be able to cross everything off of it! So without further ado, the bucket list:

  1. Start a blog (DONE. So accomplished! Pats self on back- see what I did here?)​

  2. Visit Amsterdam

  3. Stomp grapes in Italy

  4. Buy a stranger's groceries

  5. Visit Halstatt (lake-city in Vienna)

  6. Learn how to surf

  7. Go to Portland, Oregon

  8. Own a pet

  9. Ice skate on frozen body of water

  10. Yodel at the Grand Canyon

  11. Bungee-jump off a bridge

  12. Go on a honeymoon

  13. Take the neighbors some homemade cookies

  14. Perfect macaron-making

  15. Ride an elephant

  16. Eat a true crabcake in Maryland

  17. Foster an animal

  18. Go to Thailand

  19. Deep sea fishing

  20. Apple picking at an orchard

  21. Skydive

  22. Volunteer at a shelter

  23. Go to Miami

  24. Go on a missions trip

  25. Ride a camel in the desert

  26. Experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans

  27. Take a cheesy picture in front of Eiffel Tower

  28. Backpacking in Ireland

  29. Hula in Hawaii

  30. Open my own business

  31. Scuba dive with all the nemos

  32. Oktoberfest in Munich

  33. Go to the Philippines

  34. Swim in a natural hot spring

  35. Go to Bratislava

  36. Have little mixed babies and/or adopt

  37. Cliff dive

  38. Go to Prague

  39. Speak German fluently

  40. See what Bali's all about

  41. Go to La Tomatino "tomato fight" festival in Buñol, Spain

  42. Swim with sharks (whale sharks count)

  43. Attend a Holi "color-fight" festival in India

  44. Take a cruise somewhere

  45. Visit the Great Wall of China

  46. Go to Greece

  47. Do a vow renewal with Jesse

  48. Go to Mexico- obviously just to eat tacos

  49. Carnival in Rio

  50. Attempt to ski/snowboard

  51. Attend the live filming of a show

  52. Eat real ramen in Japan

  53. Camp like a real outdoorsmen

  54. White water raft

  55. Attempt to wake board

  56. Play with baby lions, tigers or bears

  57. Go to the Opera

  58. Hike through Machu Picchu

  59. Run a marathon​

  60. See the northern lights

  61. Go to Jerusalem

  62. Gallop on a horse

  63. Ride in a hot air balloon

  64. Float in the Dead Sea

  65. Be an extra in a movie

  66. Be at the opening ceremony of the Olympics

  67. Sleep under the stars

  68. Sit courtside at an NBA game (preferably at a Warriors game)

  69. Learn to drive a stick shift

  70. Milk a cow

  71. Bathe in a natural spring

  72. Play with a baby tiger or bear

  73. Watch baby sea turtles hatch

  74. Go to Rome

  75. Visit Naples

  76. Photograph a wedding in Austria

  77. Learn sign language

  78. Be a part of a flash mob

  79. See the colorful umbrellas in Aveiro, Portugal

To be continued...If you have any suggestions of amazing experiences stateside or abroad that you think I'm missing out on, please let me know! I'm open to any and all of it!

xo- Mia

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