I Think I'm Turning Viennese

Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to come to my brand spanking new blog of random things that I love. Let’s start with a little bit of background on me. I am California born, Georgia raised, South Carolina educated (no judgment), and currently live in Vienna, Austria.

Why you ask? Well, I met an Austrian guy in college, who ended up being the greatest guy I’ve ever known and we got married 2 months ago. Now we're living here so he can study medicine fo' free and so I can be his sugar mama throughout school. We're in agreement, that later in life, he'll be my sugar daddy.

Greatest guy ever + me

I never would have guessed that at 24 years old, I’d be living in this beautiful city with my equally beautiful husband, Jesse. Don’t get me wrong, this life is a dream (I literally had a dream once but I spoke fluent German so it wasn’t very realistic), but my rose coloredglasses blinded me from seeing the challenges of this lifestyle. I am currently in the process of learning how to be married, coping with being apart from my family and friends, learning German, finding a job, making some new Austrian friends, finding the right church to be planted in and oh and getting my spouse-visa so that I don't get deported. But that's not a big all. Uprooting my life in Atlanta and moving to a foreign country has left me in a glass case of emotion (we’d be great friends if you get that reference and if you don’t get it please watch this, actually everyone watch this, it’s amazing). But fear not, my haphazard nature has for once come in handy, allowing me to be vaguely adaptable to this life change.

My gorgeous amazing family

Anyway, I decided to create this blog to update my family (shown above at our wedding) and friends back in the states on all of these said processes. And as a creative outlet to talk about all the things I love, believe in and learn along the way. Maybe this blog will be fun and great or maybe no one will read it (I know my mom and dad are at least reading it, hi parents!). I have no idea where it will go from here, but that’s just the ambiguity and beauty of life.

I may or may not dedicate all my time blogging about things that I adore like photography, food, faith, traveling, creating, my family and friends. So I hope you’re okay with that. If you are, put on your rose-colored glasses and join me on this journey to becoming Viennese. It's simultaneously exciting and daunting for me, but so far it's my favorite.

xo Mia

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