The Breakfast Club

Hallo everyone! I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday so far! Today I will take it back to Friday's brunch because I want Sunday brunch but nothing is ever open on Sundays here so this post will have to do it for me. I realize all I've talked about is food, but that won't stop me from posting about this meal Jesse and I shared the other day to celebrate officially receiving my visa! Weeee!!

Just for those wondering, the visa is a physical identification card that has my picture (aka a mugshot), all my personal information and all of that jazz that gives me permission to work and live here. We were just so excited that we had to celebrate before Jesse went off to his class, so we went to a tiny little brunch spot called The Breakfast Club in the 4th district (Vienna is made up of 23 districts-- like the Hunger Games- which yes, makes me like this city even more!).

The restaurant is teeny tiny and probably holds 15 people maximum. When we got there it was packed out so we had to wait outside, which was really nice because the sun was shinning (rare for Vienna) and the street was quaint and adorable (not rare for Vienna).

I don't think I'll ever get over how gorgeous and detailed the architecture is here. It's just so incredible that someone built this with their own two hands- HOW?!

When we finally got in, we sat in a cozy little corner bench seat and noticed all the eclectic decor scattered around the restaurant. Mini giraffes, strange posters, random figurines, and scuba goggles- all so weird, all so me. There was only one chef whippin' work in about 3-feet of kitchen space (not at all accurate but she was pumping out meals) and just one server running food out to tables, so you'll need to be a little patient if you visit The Breakfast Club. The only downfalls of this place are that the cool, hipster music was too loud, and the tiny space really doesn't allow for much privacy. So if that's what you're going for I'd try a different cafe out.

We looked over the simple menu and decided to go with the fried egg and bacon ciabatta sandwich and the spicy bacon and pepper 3-egg omelette. Sidenote* I miss thick sliced American bacon. It's delicious here but it's just not the same, so if anyone can help me get some thick sliced bacon that would be cool*. Anyway, both meals were good portions, came with drinks and were nicely seasoned and priced!

After flicking aside those little pieces of tomato and cucumber we devoured our yummy food. And of course, coffee and a bread basket accompanied our lovely brunch to the table. And it didn't stop there, Jesse was feeling pretty mediterranean so we got this really creamy hummus and I was feeling pretty British-American-BBQ so we got a side of baked beans. Did all of these items work together perfectly? Absolutely not. But we did it anyway because we're adults and no one can tell us how to live (except Jesus)! Anyway, our brunch was perfectly satisfying, even for Jesse, and the bill was just over 20 euros including a tip for our sweet server, which is pretty good for the quality and quantity of the food.

Well, that's all folks, go enjoy your Sunday Funday, make some brunch, hang out with your loved ones and have a great start to your week! Sidenote* With my visa in hand, I start working tomorrow teaching english at a kindergarten! Things have escalated quickly and I'm pretty excited about it. Prayers are accepted!

xo- Mia

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