Danube Island

Today, I didn’t leave my flat one time and it was amazing. Jesse and I planned on going outside to play soccer at the park (him not me) and have a productive fun day, but as soon as we opened the window and felt the 2-degree Celsius weather, we said NOPE. Instead, we stayed warm all day in sweat pants and hoodies, cuddled up under blankets, eating home-made tortilla soup, napping and watching documentaries on Netflix with warm tea in hand (it was called “Cowspiracy” and is causing me to seriously consider veganism…WHO EVEN AM I?). It was the perfect old married couple sort of day.

I like lazy, lounging days with Jesse but this ugly, cloudy, cold weather had me thinking about how much I miss the sunnier, warmer days of Vienna. The days we could hop on our bike and not freeze your face off, days when we could go adventure on the Danube Island.

The Danube Island is a 21-km long recreational area for the Viennese and tourists to bike, swim, jog, hike, fly kites and home to numerous festivals and sports events throughout the year. It’s become one of my happy places because I can ride my bike along the glimmering water of the Danube River. On this particular day, the weather was pretty windy and Jesse wanted to fly kites too, it’s a nostalgic thing for him and he loves it.

When we got to the island, the sky was full of brightly colored kites. I didn’t realize how popular kite flying is in Vienna, people really take it seriously here. But more importantly, I didn’t know how difficult it is to keep your kite in the air and out trees. Jesse, of course, is a pro. I, on the other hand, couldn't keep our kite in the air to save my life and had it dragging on the floor more than the little kids beside me. Let’s just say I wasn’t overly angry when our kite ended up getting caught in a tree.

But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the last days of fall in Vienna and the last hours of sunlight of the day, riding our bikes along the edge of the water, with the wind in our hair and smiles on our faces. Sometimes it takes the simplicity of a bike ride and some fresh air to really make you thankful for your life. And just the thought of it today, can help me get through these gloomy days of winter.

PS. Jesse had to straighten his hair for a photoshoot and refused to wash his hair, so I made him wear a hat because it scared me. Naturally when I wanted to take pictures of us being cute and normal he ripped his hat off showcase his new "Blue Steel" look. You are welcome.

xo- Mia

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