Visa Approved Brunch

Jesse and I finally got the letter from the magistrate's office we've been waiting for: I have been approved to get my spouse visa!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! We're feeling like this:

The process of obtaining a visa is pretty extensive, arduous, tediously annoying and is sometimes denied to people, so we are feeling pretty grateful that the process is finally over. So what does this mean now? I get to live here without the worry of being deported, I get to work (yay!) and pay taxes (eh) and I get some Austrian social benefits. I know, riveting stuff!

Anyway, to celebrate this monumental moment, my sister's-in-law came to our flat and whipped up possibly the biggest brunch, with some Austrian delicacies that their grandparents made all the time, when they were kids. It was so nice to get a taste of their childhood and experience what they hold so dear to their hearts. Plus, ya'll know how much I love any and all food, so I was in a very happy state.

"Wurstsalat"- a vinegar based salad of sausage, ham, red onion, cheese, peppers, pepperoncini and pickles. Sounds a bit weird, but trust me it is so flavorful and yum.

"Obst brot"- tiny little loaf of bread filled with figs, raisins, seeds and nuts

No named tuna stuffed tomatoes

"Gefüllte Eier"- deviled eggs.

"Spargel in Schinken"- Asparagus wrapped in ham

"Brot" because no Austrian gathering is complete without bread and butter

"Topfen & Cranberry Tasche"- a hot cream cheese, honey and cranberry filled puff pastry.

And sausage, cause you can't go a day without eating some wieners in Vienna.

As you can tell we really went for it and drowned ourselves in food. I even proceeded to make buttermilk pancakes after all of this happened. No judgment, we needed the breakfast element of the "brunch". I can't think of a better way to have celebrated this milestone than with Austrian foods and my Austrian family. I am officially rooted in Vienna and I must say it feels good! Here's to legally residing in Vienna and many more milestones and memories!

xo Mia

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