Bucket List Item #21

Bucket list item #21: Skydiving

You know when you say you're going to do something, partially because you want to do it, but mostly just for show? You never think you'll actually get around to doing that something, so you're fine pretending you want to do it 'sooo bad'. Yeah, that was me I when I talked about skydiving. I was all big and bad when I talked about jumping out of the plane because part of me did want to do it but at the same time, just hell no. It's scary and I never thought that the day would come anyway. That is, until Jesse bought us two tickets to skydive for my 23rd birthday. Upon reading the vouchers, I nervous screamed, my stomach dropped to the bottom of my very soul and I felt like vommiting.

Was I excited? Absolutely. This was going to be such an amazing experience! Was I nervous? Refer to the last sentence of the last paragraph.

Grandma hands always ashy

One month later, the day finally came. Jesse, my mom and I drove about 2 hours outside of Atlanta to the boonies of I don't know where, surrounded by only trees and a whole lot of grass fields. We finally arrived and immediately began learning the correct form of jumping out of a plane. Head back, arms crossed, jump, kick your feet behind you and then spread your arms like you're flying.

At this point, I'm very excited! I mean, I'm going to fly! The next thing we knew we were suited up with our harnesses and parachutes and we're taking a long walk to the tiny, little toy-like airplane. My oh my, this has really escalated quickly. Reality starts setting in and the poop-feels are coming on strong.

Jesse and I got on the plane first, which meant that we were going to be the last ones to jump. All around, this is the worst idea ever, because you're just sitting there watching all of these other crazies jump out of the plane before you, not truly knowing whether or not they just died in front of you and re-thinking whether or not this is really worth it.

The moment we reached 14,000 feet, the door of the plane swung open. It was at that exact moment my whole body was filled with regret. Once that door opened, I could hear and smell and taste exactly how high we were, how fast we were going and how far we were going to fall. Cue the nervous laughter, the sweats, the bubble guts and the blaming Jesse for forcing me into this terrible situation. The first person jumped out of the door and just vanished as quickly as my hopes for a good ending. Where did he go? Is he okay? Did he die? How do we know? All serious questions in my mind.

Guy before me who vanished

We scoot closer to the open doors. Another person jumps and is gone, we move closer to the door. And another jumps, we move closer. Dear sweet, sweet, sweet, Jesus, save us, we're next.

Excited? NO. Nervous? Praying fervently.

I told Jesse if he didn't jump after me, "I'd kill him" followed by an "I love you". I crouched down and duck- walked to the open door of the plane, breathed deep and just jumped*. Head back, arms crossed, legs kicked back and then swung my arms open like I was flying. And I flew. Well really I fell, but in style (name that movie). *Correction: the super nice man attached to my back actually did the jumping so I just kind of fell out the door, and down we fell together.

Seriously, it was magic. It sounds crazy but the second I took my leap (or fall) of faith, I wasn't afraid anymore. I was awakened and felt so alive and liberated! We free- fell in the open sky, beyond the clouds, above everything and then we slowly floated back down to the earth. Thankfully, Jesse did jump after me so I didn't have to merk him. And on the way down, he did something extra special and surprising. He proposed to me. That crazy kid! Like this wasn't nerve-wracking enough?!! But I'm pretty glad he did it cause I said yes, duh.

And maybe this is cheating, because we skydived before I even started the blog, buuuuuut I wanted to post about it anyway because it was a mind- blowing, amazing, life-changing experience for me (and Jesse), I loved almost every second of it and because it was one the craziest things that I've ever done! (Does that make me lame?) I might have been scared poopless, but I DID IT!

Sky-diving was one of the best experiences I've done thus far in my life and it is the perfect reminder for me to accomplish what I want to do in life, despite my fear of failing and falling. It's a reminder for me to get out of my head, to cast out all fear, to stop talking so big all the time and to just do the dang thing! It's a reminder that I am constantly needing in my life and maybe it's one that you need too. So let's go out together and remove the barriers that hinder us from truly living the life we want to live! Maybe you've been too scared to dance in public or maybe it's finally taking the first steps to starting your own business, or perhaps, it's taking a risk on a relationship or saying "I love you". I say, do it, do it all! I am living proof, that it might just change your life.

xo, Mia

Ps. Sadly, we lost all of the pictures of Jesse's jump :( but we do have this precious, precious gem. It really is, my precious (name that movie).

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