Easter Unplugged

Hello gorgeous humans! I know it’s been a while since my last post but how the heck is it already April?! Wasn’t it just Christmas? Time really does fly when you’re having fun I guess. I can’t say that I'm too mad about the time moving quickly because this spring weather is reallllllly making me a happy little girl. The flowers have bloomed, everything is green, the sun is brightly shinning until 7pm and it just feels like the city has come back to life. Tis the season for that though, right? (Get it- like Jesus being raised from the dead. Easter jokes.) And on top of that, my allergies haven’t been acting up so much, so I’m winning the war on pollen so far this spring!

Unterhausen haven

To celebrate the transitioning of seasons, I wanted to share our Easter adventure in the small farmstead of Unterhausen, Bavaria, Germany with ya’ll. When we were planning our Easter vacation, Jesse really wanted to get away from the noise of the city, the distractions of every day life, ya know the cell phones, Instagram, the internet and all those super cute videos of baby animals being cute like this one...(OHMYGOODNESS, right?!)

...and honestly, any sort of human interaction. So naturally, we would come to Unterhausen.

No wifi, no cell service, just us and the vastness that is nature. With that being said, I thought I was going to hate this ‘fun, relaxing’ trip as Jesse tried to convincingly call it. See, Jesse grew up coming to this house for vacations, playing in the acres of woods, climbing trees, making bows and arrows (which he made me while we were there!), building tree houses, learning the species of trees and bushes, building fires and catching fish. This place holds a lot of his most coveted childhood memories. Note: He is the most prepared person I know for any zombie apocalypse that may occur.

Sidenote: These are a few of the country living' things I learned. Jesse has never been more proud of me or more attracted to me than when I stuck the axe and spear into the tree!

And I know I was raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia but if we’re being real, I’m not the greatest outdoorsy girl in the world. I’d never gone hunting in my life, never went camping, had terrible experiences in the past with mountain cabin living and I just don’t like bugs. I wanted a vacation of adventure in a new city with new discoveries, a new culture and of course, delicious, bomb food. Despite my judgements, we spent four days in Jesse’s aunt and uncle’s country cottage, where there’s a fire oven for heating, lots of nature and board games for entertainment, river fish for catching, and a radio for emergencies (what is radio? generation z asked). Our country livin’ vacation turned out to be not so bad. In fact, those days turned out to be the most refreshing and renewing days we’ve had since getting married.

Our farmstead haven
A little African and abstract art to this county living
Creeks Pastures and Blooming Forests
Wandering through the Woods

Like I said, we were in the country

The stillness of being there, allowed us to put our tablets, phones, work, and studies down, and gave us time to communicate, reconnect and relax with each other, with absolutely zero distractions. We read together, cooked together, hunted together, played together, explored together, laughed together, drank together, improved our apocalypse skills together and prayed together. It was a complete renewal for both of us spiritually and in our relationship, that neither of us expected to get out of this vacation. But praise Him, cause He knows just what you need, and when you need it and that’s something that I am very grateful for.

we had muesli, yogurt and toast for breakfast every day
Creative time was all the time

We even went to the nearest town of Dießen, Germany and explored the tiny cuteness that it had to offer.

Dießen am Ammersee

Fishermen and their boats

Quaint Dießen streets

Cute kleine cafe

The shopping district of Dießen

Zinn Cafe
The Bavarian architecture makes my heart sing

The only part that was somewhat troubling, was when we went fish hunting. Thats right - not fishing but fish hunting. Because we only had self-made wooden spears, cut from a hazelnut tree, to catch/stab the giant river fish, it was much more intimate than to just catch the fish with a fishing pole. We spent approximately two hours prowling around the banks of the river, gazing into the deep pools, hoping to spot movement (oftentimes crouching and staring for 20 minutes straight until our eyes got sore). "Got Eeeeem" when Jesse finally spotted the chunker hiding under a bank of tree roots. This was it! The one shot to fill our empty stomachs! (Little bit of exaggeration here - we had some spaghetti with delicious Alfredo sauce back at the house.. but thats beside the point) It was one quick and strong stab, then silence, as we looked at each other with mouths agape and Jesse holding tightly to the wriggling spear. He vaulted the fish onto the bank where it flopped around in the grass.

This is when things go a little bit too graphic for my taste. Here's the deal - I was very excited about the idea of catching a fish "Castaway" style but when Jesse pulled out his knife and began the process to prepare him for eating, I freaked out.

I realise people do this all the time, and it’s not a big deal, but I screamed and I might have shed the tiniest tear as he gutted the fish in the water. Like I said, it was very intimate. You can say it was a very silent walk back to the house to cook the little guy.

White fish :(
Cooking the poor little guy

For reals though, this trip was so much fun and such a blessing to our relationship. We may not be able to go to Unterhausen every weekend to recharge the batteries but we do plan to go unplugged much more often! And with all that free time to be more creative and productive, I promise to be more consistent with this blog and not let 167 days go by without another post. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and a great start to the week!

xo, Mia

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