DIY Rattan Chair Revamp

Like any other people, we wanted everything in our flat to be brand new and perfect. But when you're ballin' on a budget, sometimes you've got to reel it (wayy the hell) back, stop petting the fur rug, put down the crystal chandelier and use what you've already got to make your house a home. And the majority of the time, that means lots of DIY (do it yourself) and revamping what's already in your house. And when you're not the best at DIY, that means that spray paint is going to be your best friend.

In my opinion, there's not much spray paint and some tape can't fix- ugly picture frames, empty jelly jars and old mirrors. So why not try with our boring rattan metal dining room chairs we thought?! With just a little bit of effort and paint, we easily turned our plain chairs into stylish, modern lounges to go with the desired feel of our light and airy interiors-- well that's a bit of a stretch but you catch my drift!

So for this edition of 'furnishing- your- home- on- a- budget' we used the three products shown below: some good ole' tape and white and gold spray paint to spruce up our second- hand chairs. It was a very simple change that made a huge difference in our small living/dining/office/gym/guest room (aka our multi-purpose room).

What you need?

What to do?

1. Unscrew the legs to make spray painting even easier

2. Tape off the bits that you don't want to paint: we used one piece of cellotape for each leg and some thicker masking tape for the chair backs

3. Spray paint until your heart is content, or until completely covered, whichever comes first

4. Let it all dry then remove the tape

5. Screw the legs back on and HUZZAH! Stand in awe of the miracle that is spray paint

Well since I have shown you one corner (cough the only corner) of our living room that is done, I will now leave so I can feel super accomplished and adult. Now go forth, and spray all of your somethings old and used gold and white! If anyone has any other ideas about what else I can possibly spray paint, please let me know! I'll be waiting for suggestions, with wide eyes and gloves on!

xo- Mia

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