5 Things Giving Me Life

Hello there my pretties! Here we go with a brand new series called, "5 Things Giving Me Life", in which I will choose 5 objects, from clothes to books, completely unrelated, other than the fact that I lurvvv' them all. I'm delighted about doing this series because one, it's going to be exciting and fun to create the content. Two, it's going to be a weekly series which means that it will hopefully help me improve my posting consistency on this blog baby of mine. Three, I am hoping and believing that in creating posts for this series, I will learn to better reflect and celebrate the beauty, love, simple joys and blessings in my life.

Now for those of you who don't know what "giving me life" is, I will now refer to the extremely, reliable source, Urban Dictionary:


Giving me life: [giv-ing-mee-lahyf]

(verb-ish) gave me life, give me life

1. anything that you get excited or pumped about

2. anything that makes you laugh emphatically

ex."Honey, that dress you got on is giving me life!"


Now that we all understand, there's a plethora of items that give me life. Like buying new hardcover books, flavour blasted gold fish and small puppies that wear sweaters, but it is not their time--yet. So without further delay, the 5 things giving me liiiiife and making my heart sing this week are:

1. Cacti and succulent

LOOK HOW SMALL AND CUTE THEY ARE! I saw them at the market and I immediately picked three cuties out of the darling bunch to bring home. And the best part, besides them being adorable and smaller than my palm, is that it's impossible for me to kill them! I foresee an unhealthy collection of these bad boys in the near future.

Mini cacti and succulent plants
Aerial view of my preciouses


2. My Instax Mini

Getting tiny snaps, of the best of times, within seconds. What's not to love? I love the look and feel of the images. Plus, I love anything small, if you haven't noticed the trend. I have to buy more film which is not the cheapest, but for me, it's definitely worth it. And look how unnecessary and cute this little bag is for carrying the Instax. Lurvv it.

Instax Mini and polaroids
Instax Mini purse

3. Passion: The Bright Light of Glory

This book is written by Louie Giglio and is geared towards college students who are learning to harness their passion and purpose to glorify God. But who are we kidding? College kids aren't the only ones who need help, direction and a reminder to live purposefully and intentionally! Contributing writers, like Christine Caine, John Piper, and Judah Smith, pack this book full of wisdom, appropriate for all ages.

Passion by Louie Giglio

4. Gold Winsor & Newton ink

I like all things gold and this ink is no exception! It's perfectly opaque and shimmery, just how I like my gold inks to be!

Windsor & Newton Gold Ink

Look how it shines!

5.Watermelon season

Mmm. Crisp, sweet and juicy! I throw my head back and laugh when someone tries to give me just ONE slice of watermelon. I mean, that's a nice treat but I'd rather you just slide me half of the watermelon and a fork. Then look away while I eat for the sake of your own discomfort, cause it's about to go down!

watermelon season

That's it for now lovelies! I hope you enjoyed some of the things that brought joy to my life this week! What are some things that are giving you life?! I'm going to go eat some watermelon whilst staring at my cacti and try to take a selfie with my instax. See ya'll laters!

xo, Mia

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