5 Things Giving Me Life

Here we go again, with round 2 of "5 Things Giving Me Life"! This past week has been a fun, busy week of preparation for our vacation/honeymoon! We are so excited for it, obviously. First we'll be going to Chicago to see some sweet friends, then ATL to see the beloved fam bam, then off to Mexico for our delayed honeymoon! Oh Lord, the excitement. There's been tons of stuff to do around here to prepare before we leave in t-minus 5 days, but I still slowed down and took some time to recognise and cherish the small joys of life. Here are some of them!

1. Ice cream paper clips

I found these lil' babies at a store called Tiger for 2€ and just thought they couldn't be left behind cause they make me happy (and hungry). Plus, I figured I could use them as a bookmark for my current read because they are too special for just papers.

2. Tombow Dual Brush Pens

These were my first calligraphy pen purchases and they are goooood. Besides being a little bit frayed, because I used them on rough material like a bad owner, they are still wonderful. They have been worked and worked during my practice sessions and keep on yielding pretty results. I can't wait to increase my collection- weeee! Here's a little bit of practice!

3. Kings Kaleidoscope: Beyond Control album

I have loved this band ever since a friend turned me on to their song Zion and they just came out with a new album! My goodness, it's so so so good. They are faith-based alternative band, composed of 10 members. They are each such amazing musicians and together, UGH the music. I can't help but play my air guitar and sing at the tops of my lungs when I listen. They use a vast array of instruments, from drums to saxophones, creating a seriously unique and beautiful musical experience. Ooh, you can definitely add "Have a jam sesh with Kings Kaleidoscope" to the bucket list. Go give them a listen here!

4. Macarons

I love these not only because they are delicious and make me feel super French and fancy, but because my sister is the one who got me hooked onto the macaron bandwagon, and they make me think of her pretty face. The purple one is ribisel (black currant) and was very tasty. The other is mango, and was honestly not my favourite flavour but still good. These are from Oberlaa Konditorei and they put a big ol' smile on my face.

5. Random Dance Parties + Boomerang app:

Jesse has been completely stuck in the books with his big exams coming up in school and is a tiny, little bit stressed and overwhelmed, so we've found that random dance parties to chill out and release some energy have been really good to us. Dance parties to Kings Kaleidoscope of course! Also, the boomerang app- it's so fun to make short, cute videos with this app! Also, he's so cute. I'm so thankful for him too.

I really hope you we're able to find some things to be joyful about this week too!

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and rest filled Sunday and a great start to the week!

xo, Mia

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