5 Things To Do At Kutschkermarkt


Happy Friday pumpkins! It's lovely to virtually see you all again! Right about now, Jesse and I are chillin' at the airport in London for our layover to Chicago. I'm most likely searching high and low for some fish and chips and he's most likely binging on season six of Game of Thrones. Or we're both binging on GOT while simultaneously binging on fish and chips. It's a toss up!

And whilst we are in the Queens country, I wanted to pay homage to Vienna and to my beloved home of the 18th district. In order to enthral and prepare my fellow market lovin' folks for the glory that is 'farmers market Saturdays', I'm bringing you a little piece of Kutschkermarkt heaven, aka, my absolute favourite place to go to in the 18th district (I still want to kiss two fingers, raise them slowly into the air, whistling the mocking jay tune every time I say district).

Anywho, the details of my precious are down below. It's open Monday through Saturday, with Saturday's being the best days because an additional section of the farmers market is open, which means more of local, fresh vegetables and fruits, and even more humans crowded to get their locally sources noms.


Opening times

Kutschkermarkt: Monday to Friday from 6:00 - 19:30

Saturday from 6:00 -17:00

Restaurants: Monday to Saturday from 6:00 - 21:00*

*Not Pohl's. They're closed Mondays.

Farmers market: Saturday from 7:00 - 14:00


I love this market because one, it is walking distance away from our flat. Two, it is small enough to become friendly with the business owners there. Three, you want to become friends with them because they are wonderfully, nice people! Four, there is always something to see, or smell, or taste when you're at Kutschkermarkt; the peonies from the flower shop, the fresh baked bread, the cheese and cured meat samples, the sounds of people laughing and prost-ing (cheers-ing). It's all such a European dream, but here are some of my favourite things that you should not miss out on!

1. Eat the Kebap at Schulgasse and Kutschkergasse and shop!

Of course, the first thing I tell you to do is eat, but you will understand when you taste it. I mean, I can't say that I'm a professional kebab connoisseur- yet- but so far, this one is my favourite. I'm not sure if I keep returning because of the soft, chewy home-made bread, the slow roasted lamb, or the friendly owner, Hussein, but whatever it is, entrances me to go this kebab stand to suppress my kebab desires! I also buy my herbs and spice here because it's cheaper and they comes in nice big packages.

Kebab stand

al fresco dining

Spices galore

2. Buy some flowers (or a cactus!)

This is where I picked up my prickly little friends from the last post- But it is also where I want to buy peonies, upon gorgeous peonies during this glorious time of year! The workers from Helena's Blumen Am Market are extremely kind and very helpful and informative. Especially when deciding which plants are the hardest to kill, hence the cacti and succulents.

Summer blooms
Helenas flower shop
Lavender by the bunch

3. Enjoy a cheese platter and a glass of wine at Pöhl's Käserstand.

So much delicious cheese and meat, amazing enough to make a vegan person forgot their cause. But seriously though, their cheese selection is something special and their cured meats are delicious. Not to mention, the owners of Pohl's are as friendly and as helpful as you can get, so supporting them is easy.

Pohl's dining

Pohl's meat selection


4. People watch.

Its one of my favourite pastimes, and there's no better way to do it than the Austrian way, with a cup of coffee or beer in hand, treating yourself to a sweet pastry or some meat and cheese, depending on time of day. And there's no better place to do that in the 18th district, than the busy street of Kutschkergasse.

Farmers market

The crepe lady

5. Have a coffee and cake at Himmel Blau.

The coffee itself is hot, delicious and strong. You can't really ask for anything more! Oh what's that? A piece of cake to go with your coffee? Yeah bro, they have that too! You can enjoy your treats in the beautifully and comfortably decorated interiors of the cafe and on a beautiful day, there's tons of outdoor seating to soak up the sun while you eat (and people watch).

Well, that's it for now. If you ever have a chance, go check out this market. It seriously has stolen a giant piece of my heart! Next stop for us is Chicago! Hope you enjoy your day, people!

xo Mia

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