5 Things Giving Me Life

Happy Friday my pretties! To celebrate my third favourite day of the week (Sunday, Saturday, then Friday) I will just leave these life giving things here! Now, off I go into the real world (or maybe just to eat more popcorn and watch more Netflix on the couch). You'll never know the truth.

I hope everyone enjoys your Friday! I pray you can find something beautiful to celebrate :)

bible journaling

1) Pentel Sign Pens

I mentioned that I love, love, LOVE these pens in my last Flourish post. They are Japanese-made, fiber- tip pens, that write more like a markers honestly. The color and lines are bold. The tip is flexible enough to get good, upstrokes and down strokes, but not too flexible, so it's easy to control. I bought my first one at Sam Flax in Atlanta (I don't think you can purchase them online but if you are in the area- go forth and scoop up all of the pens!). I loved it so much in fact that I bought more at Hobby Lobby in Stone Mountain a couple days later and even more through Amazon later on.

pentel sign pens

2) Rosé

Cause I'm a real classy, grown up adult and pink wine pairs really well, with Fridays, summer meals of huge tubs of popcorn and Netflix (currently watching House and learning all types of important medical expertise).

rosé all day

3) The Beginning of Life

It's a beautifully made, seriously heart wrenching documentary, directed by Estela Renner, about child development, family and community on Netflix (three cheers for the best 'Network' in the world). From the perspective of an aunt and future-mother, it had me in tears on more than one occasion and from the perspective of a kindergarten teacher, I found it very insightful and educational about the importance of autonomy and creativity. If you are in the least bit emotional about little humans, grab your tissues before you watch!

the beginning of life

4) She Reads Truth App

This app has really encouraged me in my journey to dig deeper and to be consistent while reading the Bible. More than just a convenient app, it is a online community of woman supporting each other in times of need, helping one another understand the content, and encouraging each other to grow in their relationship with Jesus. She Reads Truth is free but you can pay for additional devotionals if you want them within the app and it's just awesome!

She reads truth app

5) African Pride Olive Miracle leave-in conditioner

To all of my curly headed friends, to those who have broken more brushes, combs and popped more hair bands than anyone they've ever known- I have found a product to help tame the beast. It's called African Pride Olive Miracle leave- in conditioner. Not only does it make my curls, bouncy and shiny, it does so without making them heavy or greasy or oily and it makes my hair smell so so good. Its a win for me and my hair (and Jesse's- it all he'll use now) so give it a try to tame your mane and let me know what you think!

african pride

xo, Mia

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