5 Things Giving Me Life

Closing in on the end of the week, I decided to compile my list of the 5 Things Giving Me Life for this week.

1. Kirtag

Kirtag is a traditional Austrian festival, originally to celebrate the day the church was consecrated. Today, cities and villages in Vienna celebrate Kirtag around autumn and are full of dirndls, lederhosen, numerous stalls for food, sweets, toys, games and of course locally made wine and beer! It was the most Austrian experience I've had so far and was so much fun! I'll write more in depth about this experience a little later.

2. The bike ride home from my job

My job is within walking distance from my flat, which is too legit to quit. And on days I'm not holding a giant coffee mug in my hand, I ride my bike and it's just the loveliest. But it's even sweeter to ride home because it's all down hill, I don't have to pedal, I have the wind in my hair and I feel alive!

3. Happy

This is an documentary, from 2011 directed by Roko Belic about what makes people happy and the different perspectives of happiness from all over the world. It's full of powerful, heart warming personal stories and research to emphasise the idea that money, success and extrinsic things are not necessary for one's happiness. In the documentary we see, some of the happiest people are those that are striving to cultivate community, passion, compassion and intrinsic value. It's really eye-opening and beautiful to see that happiness can always be found, regardless of social standings.

4. Café Life

As you all may have figured out, I love cafés, coffee, teas, desserts and the comfort and peace of a small cozy coffee shop. I always like to visit different ones around the city and actually stumbled upon Jonas Reindl the first time with my brother and sister on our first visit to Vienna! It's a hipster little coffee shop near the city centre, with lots of windows, comfortable seating, pleasant staff and delicious (and beautiful) coffee! It's just a short bike ride away from my flat and right off the tram line that I always take, so it's a win-win-win for me! If the coffee life is for you- try this place out.

5. Bethel- Without Words: Synesthesia

Guys I have a slight attention disorder so whenever I'm working on something and need to focus, this is my go to album! It's all instrumentals, hence the title, Without Words , so it prevents me from performing my own private one-woman concert that usually results in me listening to any song. This album is so genius and so beautiful produced, I can just listen to it all day long, whether I'm working or reading or anything else. For reals, you need to go listen and fall in love with the whole album.

Without Words

So that's it for this week! I hope you could find lots of things to be happy about this week my darlings- there's always something!

xo, Mia

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