Jesus Calling quote

As a believer, my heart desires to become more and more like Jesus in every aspect of my life. I desire to be a light and a disciple for His Kingdom but I am just so human. I quickly forget my mission and turn to the ways of the world. I worry about our finances, I get upset that we should be going on more dates, I spend more time than I should on social media, I dissect my body's imperfections, I get fixed on being liked and what other people think about me, I complain about my wardrobe or lack thereof. I continuously fail and stumble without ceasing. I struggle to keep my eyes on the things that matter, on the One that matters.

It has been one of my greatest prayers, that I will keep God in the forefront of my mind in times of trouble, during the victories and through the mundane. It's so easy for me to lose focus and forget why I am here. I've been praying that I will remember to keep my fickle heart, mind and eyes on Him as my prize- didn't mean to Al Sharpton rhyme there.

So when I read this line from my devotional called Jesus Calling- "The quickest way to redirect your mind to me is to whisper My Name". These words jumped off of the page, slapped me in the face and then dug their way into my heart. The answer to my prayer is the name of Jesus. The name above all names. The name that carries and harnesses all of the power. Jesus.

It's so simple and yet, so ground breaking for me. All I have to do is call on His name and I will be redirected to Him. All it takes is a sweet whisper. That's some amazing grace and endless hope, if you ask me.

Jesus Calling Quote

xo Mia

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