5 Things Giving Me Life

1. Jesus Calling Devotion

I talked about this book, back in my last Flourish post and again I will promote it because it's that dang good! This wonderful little book has a devotional for every day of the year and each one is packed with hope and wisdom. It's the perfect dose of encouragement in the morning to send you off in the right direction for the rest of your day.

Jesus Calling

2. Kat Von D. Tattoo Eyeliner

I'm not a huge make-up person, so if my sister hadn't gifted this to me, I never would have known what an amazing product this was. The black is so opaque and just draws on so smoothly. I'm a fan of the the cat eye and it's really the only eyeliner that I can use now without making myself look like a clown. It's $26 but it's seriously worth every penny!

Kat Von D. Tattoo eyeliner

3. Whirley Pop

As some of you may know, I love popcorn. I'm actually eating it as we virtually speak to one another right this second. But as we all know, microwaveable popcorn is not healthy for us and is a thing of the past. That's where my handy dandy Whirley Pop comes into play. Turn on the heat, add some coconut or olive oil, or butter is you're feelin' really squirrelly, some Trader Joe's kernels (cause nothing pops better than Tradie Joe's organic poppy corn) and your perfectly, fluffy popcorn will be ready in about four minutes after some vigorous yet, satisfying cranking.

Trader Joes Popcorn

To make it even better, every time I hear or say the name Whirley Pop, I start singing Dirty Pop by 'NSYNC. Sorry but I'm a 90's baby and this is such a classic.

Yaaaas Justin

4. Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

This. book. It's so freakin' inspiring. Not just for people who are or want to be 'artistic' but for every person who is chasing a dream and wants to live a passionate life outside the constraining walls of fear. And I know I've been talking about fear a lot lately, in this Flourish post about fear and in my last post about overcoming fear with film, so sorry, but that's where I'm at in my life! If you desire in any way to live a more full life, then go pick this book up and give it a try!

Big Magic

5. Figs

When I'm feeling under the weather I really just want to eat fresh fruit, applesauce or crackers. I know that's weird and very toddler like of me but that's just what it is. Recently, figs have just been my jam. All cold, plump, sweet and refreshing. Despite their semi- beautiful, semi- disgusting appearance, they make me feel like summer and health, so I'm going to continue and eat them all happily.


I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday with someone you love, doing something together that makes you very happy!

xo, Mia

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