Acapulco Honeymoon

Smile you're in Acapulco

Good afternoon lovely people! The time has come to relive the second part of our honeymoon, Acapulco, Mexico- and I'm excited about it, so I hope you are too!

The 5 hour drive, from Mexico City to Acapulco was beautiful and awesome- I mean this in the literal, old meaning of the word, I was full of awe! We were surrounded by gorgeous views, full of tree covered mountain tops and rolling hills. I think I took more video during that car ride than all of our time in Mexico City (but in Mexico City’s defense, I was just too lazy to record footage).

All 9 days of our stay in Acapulco were spent at Villa Alejandra and Villa Karin, two of the most beautiful properties that I have ever been blessed to stay in. The second we entered the premises, we were surrounded by bright white buildings, flowers, lush, green trees full of ripe mangoes, limes, coconuts and carambola (starfruit).

At this beautiful sight, Jesse and I were basically fighting each other to get out of the moving car to explore the rest of the property. People, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude, disbelief and happiness that I cried real tears as we walked around and discovered the beauty and the views. Jesse, on the other hand, was so overwhelmed with gratitude, disbelief and happiness that he was running around like a giddy child, trying to do all the things at once. I think he exasperated all energy the first day there.

The two Villas are on the same property but are separated by different rooms, pools and forests of trees and are connected by cozy pathways. Each villa has its own pool, kitchen, dinning hall, palapa, and distinct style.


Villa Alejandra is classic beach style; clean whites and bright blues, combining the perfect mixture of modern luxury and comfort.

Villa Alejandra

Villa Karin, while still luxurious and gorgeous, is African themed with more dark woods and tribal aesthetics. We had the opportunity to stay in both villas; The Orquidea Suite aka the Novio Suite in Villa Karin and The Mar Suite in Villa Alejandra. Sidenote: right above our Novio Suite was a ceremony space for weddings. Jesse and I sooooort of regretted not getting married here, instead of here, because it was just so perfect. But just kidding, we wouldn't have changed a thing (this a lie. There's some things I would have changed, but we'll come back to that later).

Villa Karin

I can’t decide which I liked more, honestly. Both are gorgeous beyond belief, have comfortable beds, stellar views, cable, Internet, daily turndown service, luxury bathrooms (the biggest tub I've ever seen), air conditioning- (which was an absolute treat coming from air condition-less Vienna (BIG UGHH) and completely necessary because Mexico sun seems to be one thousand million times stronger than anywhere else)- so Praise Him! Plus, both rooms are just steps away from the pools and private beach, so we could not have been happier.

I can't go on without mentioning the incredible staff and the chef. They were the nicest, most helpful, most professional people ever! Jesse and I felt sad when we were leaving for obvious reasons, but also because we we're going to miss the people who made our experience so special! The manager on staff at Villa Alejandra, was also helpful to coordinate any activity that we wanted to do- from fishing, jet skiing, wake boarding, paddle boarding, scuba diving, taking a boat ride to La Roquetta, exploring the city and even calling a taxi to go to WALMART! WooWoo! (I think we were both a little too excited about our trip to Walmart).

It was really the perfect honeymoon for us. We deserved it not, and yet were blessed with the opportunity to go. I just feel so much gratitude for the memories we were able to make. I’ll stop talking now and just show pictures and a short video, cause then, you’ll get the feels, that I feels!

Cozy pathways
Villa Karin Palapa
Villa Karin pool
Palm trees
Corona :)
Villa Alejandra views
carambola- starfruit tree
a coconut a day
Stellar views!
Mexican beer
Fried fresh fish
Mar suite views
Juevos rancheros
the mar suite
my hot husband
Villa alejandra beach

Villa Karin
that view
access to the beach
the kitchen- where the magic happens

Villa Karin
private beach

It might sound weird, but one of the coolest experiences was witnessing these hardworking fishermen pull in their catch. It was about 11:00 pm and pulling in the nets, lasted about an hour AND SO MUCH STRENGTH, sorting all of their fish and throwing back the blowfish and barracudas took another hour AND SO MUCH PATIENCE. It was so interesting and really beautiful to watch these fisherman execute their craft so well.

After all was said and done, we bought three nice sized fish and had them for lunch and dinner the next night. Twas the best fish we've ever had in all of the years on this earth (that was so dramatic, but can you understand how good the fish was?!).

Fried fresh fish

And here is the video about our time in Acapulco- hope you enjoy it!

xo Mia

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