5 Things Giving Me Life

1. Vienna's Colours Some of Vienna's buildings are magically bright colours of orange, pink, blues and yellows and more. These are some of the ornate and special buildings in my hood. How could this not make you happy?? It just makes the already beautiful architecture even more lively!

orange and pink building
bright yellow doors

blue and pink building

2. Personalised cookbooks

As a wedding gift, my mom collected favourite recipes from all of our friends and family and created the most amazing cookbooks for me. There were so many recipes that it turned out to be two beautifully crafted scrapbook like, cookbooks, one sweet and one savoury. Talk about a labor of freakin' love right?! Anywho, my cookbooks are one of my most prized possessions because not only do they help me not starve myself and Jesse, but they are full of family histories, deliciousness and so so so much love. It's like a little piece of my heart and home shoved into hundreds of pages, stories, pictures, recipes and measurements.

handmade cookbook
Julia Child quote

3. Playing basketball again

I just started practising with a girl's team for fun (and exercise- cause aging is a biatch and I need some motivation to get in shape)! But seriously, I forgot how badly I love and missed the sounds of sneakers on hardwood, slapping five, the smell of a full gym and the beauty of girls working hard out of sheer love for the game. It's not a lot of people's cup of tea, but oooooooh boy, is it mine and I'm so excited to be playing again!

Here's a picture of my untameable rage back in my college days cause I've never been prouder of a candid of myself and LOL.

USCA Women's Basketball

4. Ginger Nuts

I have an obsession with all things Trader Joe's, but specifically with their triple ginger cookies. They're so dang good. So when I'm craving them, I go to Spar and buy these Ginger Nuts. Let's be real, the name ALONE is enough to give you life!! Whoever named this delicious cookie, was either not thinking too hard or just said 'Screw it'. Anywho, they're tasty, crunchy, gingery cookies and they are good enough to replace Trader Joe's (for now)!

Ginger Nuts

5. Yves Rocher Traditional Tiare Oil

I received this as a gift from a friend for my birthday and it's amazing! It smells like a warm, summer spent at the beach on a Tropical Island. Ya know what I mean? It's meant to be applied to your skin after or before sun to prolong your tan and leaves your skin feeling soft, glowing and smelling like summer. Youcan also put it in your hair to help keep it looking bright and alive!

xo, Mia

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