Biking in Vienna

As most of you probably already know, I love riding my bike to and fro- didn't mean to rhyme there but I don't hate that I did. Being on a bike takes me straight back to my childhood, riding around with our neighbourhood crew of 20 children and having no worries except for getting home before it got too dark. For me, it's sheer bliss.

So to make myself happy, we go for bike rides to Kutschkermarkt, to the Danube island, to a cute café for brunch or to the first district so we can be tourists in our own city. Basically we bike everywhere, whenever the weather permits. And it always seems to end with getting a beer or gelato, which we don't mean to do but I don't hate it.

Our last bike ride was filmed courtesy of Jesse and ended with both beer and gelato, so it was a huge success in my book! This is our typical route to get to the first district and it is just lovely.

Tourist Tip:

I don't think that you can go wrong when deciding your bike route in Vienna, but I do think that you have to at least ride around "The Ring" once while in Vienna. The ring is a circle that surrounds the inner city and is made up of different streets like; Universitätsring, Burgring, Opernring, Kärtner Ring, Schubertring, Parkring, Stubenring--get why it's called "The Ring"?

This route takes you by a lot of major monuments in Vienna, like Rathausplatz, Parlament, Volksgarten, Museum of Natural History, Burggarten, tons of shopping, and a number of eating options, making it the perfect tourist bike route.

So if you're ever in Vienna, hop on that bike and just ride! I've mentioned before and I'll mention it again, CityBikes. It's a cheap and convenient bike sharing, option for all of you fellow bike loving tourists!

I hope you enjoy your day in your city, whenever you may be!

xo, Mia

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