5 Things Giving Me Life

Happy Friday beautiful people. I can't even lie, this week was a tough one for me so I am pretty excited that the weekend has officially started. Compiling this list was even hard to do and I realized it's because I was so busy that I never really made time to stop, breathe and recognise the beauty and blessings that were right in front of me. I hate that I went through the whole week in full on work mode and didn't see the goodness in anything. My goal is to be much more present and aware of life- starting today!


1. Haribo

I'm a sucker for sour, chewy sweets. As in, if I could, I would live off of them, popcorn, tacos and rosé. But Jesse sayeth not. Along with my dad, my blood sugar and doctors and dieticians around the world. But I cannn't stop!

Haribo Candy


2. Summer days

Just laying in the grass, soaking up the sun and listening to music enjoying the last days of summer, while simultaneously eagerly awaiting fall's arrival.

Währinger Park


3. Google Analytics

I mean, I'm not sure what all of the data actually means yet, but the information that it provides is so amazing! And all for free! Bloggers, business owners or just curious people should definitely take advantage of it!

Google Analytics

4. Snapchat filters

I know I'm late to this party but they're just hilarious and my childish soul loves them, specifically the grandpa faces and the face swaps. Jesse and I are so hideous swapped, but it gives me deep belly laughs.


5. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

It's a story about a boy following his dreams. It's such an inspiring and interesting, short read about discovering your life's purpose, overcoming obstacles and distractions and following your path to get there.

The Alchemist

So that's it lovers. I hope you all were more aware of the little blessings in your life than I was this week. And if you weren't, we can start right now!


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