A Dose of Hope

So my dear friends, I haven't blogged in forever. I am ashamed of how long it has actually been. The embarrassment of that, in addition to feeling bogged down by life, has encouraged me to procrastinate until I finally just thought, I should give up on this entire blogging thing.

Who needs another blog talking about random, trivial things anyway? Especially when there's much, much more to be concerned about in our lives: our families and friends, our jobs and dreams, the sad state of America and the world, war and terrorism and let's not leave out sickness and death.

Okay, that escalated quickly, but it's very real, heavy stuff that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

These past couples months have consumed my mind with thoughts such as these.

I’ve wrestled with the thoughts of being an inadequate wife and friend. My heart has ached watching anything to do with the Presidential election and the hopelessness that Americans feel in regards to it. I’ve grieved the loss of my amazing grandmother and my sweet nephew. I've cried for and have been enraged for the families that have endured the injustices that yielded #BlackLivesMatter. I've questioned how so many refugees could go without help. I've been puzzled and distraught by cancer and illness.

my nephew and my grandma

I felt as if I've had the weight of this broken world on my shoulders.

So again, I came to the questions:


Why should I blog? Why should I do photography? Why should I create?

What is the point of all of it?


It took blogging, the very thing I wanted to uncommit myself to, to help me discover a very resonating answer for myself. If I stop creating, our earth will continue to spin and the sun will continue to shine. My blog will not find the cure for cancer or any other illness. By blogging, I will not be able to create a world of peace. No one’s existence is dependent on my creations, but that does not make it purposeless.

Through creating and the words that I write, I pray that I will be able to instill a sense of encouragement and love in the lives of some. Hopefully, I can spread positivity and brighten someones day, even if it is with something trivial. And hopefully, one day, my blog will present the means to drastically better someone's life.

I know, for me, it’s too easy to feel hopelessness in a broken world. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and crippled with fear after watching the news and logging on Facebook. BUT, that doesn’t give us the right to stop from developing our gifts (preaching to myself). If anything, it should give us more motivation to become experts at our crafts, so that we can use them in powerful ways for God’s glory.

We have to do the things that will allow us to live out the colourfully beautiful lives that we desire to live. If we stop, we relinquish our rights to our creative freedom. If we stop intentionally seeking the good and the light of this world, then we will only be engulfed by the darkness. And that's a pretty somber, lonely place to live.

And I will end by saying this: Nothing in this life can overcome the cross. Not the elections, not cancer, not anxiety or fear, unemployment or war. That’s the greatest piece of hope I know to share. So there, that's that.

So here's to creating more beautifully frivolous, yet inspiring blog posts! I hope you continue to follow along for the journey. But more so, I pray that you can see the beauty and importance of your talents and keep pursuing it. Whether it’s baking, working for a television station, writing a book, photographing events or fixing computers- you are making a beautiful difference in someone’s life, so be full of hope!

Be hopeful and love!

xo Mia

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