5 Things Giving Me Life

1. Christmas decor

Be still my heart, it's Christmas time! Ya'll the Christmas lights around the city have been hung, the Christmas markets are being put up and Christmas decorations are being displayed through out the city- it's so exciting! Be right back, just going to go cut down my own tree and drag it back to our flat real quick.

2. Faux fur jacket

My sister is a master of thrift stores and estate sales. She should honestly be a professional shopper, because it's a serious talent. Anywho, she gifted me this pretty little baby and I got to be honest with you- it makes me feel like such a saucy tart, (notice saucy tart hair toss down below) which is a big change from my usual sweat shirts and jeans.

Just kidding, nothing can change me. P.s I was curious as to why the statue was only discoloured in one area. Answer: Because there are other humans in this world as immature as me and I'm grateful for that too.

3.Homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies

I don't think this really needs an explanation.

4. TKMaxx

You read that correctly my fellow Americans,TKMaxx. It"s TJMaxx just in Europe. It recently opened up in Vienna and I've lost my mind with excitement. It's been so crowded that I haven't been able to spend the quality time inside like I want, but I now have the ability to get anything from one store; new boots, a curling iron, a new wok and a cute new throw pillow. It makes me feel a little less homesick which is helpful around this time of year.

5. Juicer

Because I need to balance out the cookies somehow and also because I tend to get sick with the flu at least 3 times a winter. It's a combination of these harsh winter conditions (I'm a pansy okay??) and working in a kindergarten with lots of snotty little noses. But with my new juicer and all the micronutrients it's going to pump into my body- I will be ready for winter! P.s I'm writing this with the flu. YAY!

Alright everyone, that's it! I hope have a great, less sick version of my day! Have a beautiful Saturday!

xo, Mia

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