Belvedere Palace

Yo people, happy Monday! I've got a Viennese specialty for you today: Belvedere Palace. It's a solid choice for tourists and Viennese alike because you get a chance to take in the baroque beauty and the historical importance of this palace with a walk around the gorgeous gardens, plus it's free!

Belvedere Palace is located perfectly in the third district, so it's only a short ride or walk to Karlsplatz and Naschmarkt, two other must-see attractions in Vienna. I like to ride to Schwarzenbergplatz and then walk the remainder of the way to Belvedere Palace because then you get to see the beautiful Hochstrahlbrunnen fountain on Schwarzenbergplatz and the Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee statue.

Fountain at Hochstrahlbrunnen

As the former summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy’s, Belvedere Palace has become a museum and has housed many exhibitions and art galleries, which cost a little something to view, but that's optional. I've actually never been to the museum, personally, I like to slow it down, sit on a bench and create a new plan to get a handle on my life or just people watch while I sip on my tea.

Belvedere Palace in the fall
shrubbery is on point
belvedere in the fall
Look at that symmetrical shrubbery
palace grounds

symmetrical belvedere palace
Views for days
my hunk a love
us at belvedere
the back of the palace

Belvedere Palace gate

There's even a fun botanical garden, the Alpengarten, at the back of the palace grounds to walk through, one section is free but the second section charges a small entry fee.


Alpengarten Botanical Gardens

And that's all folks. It's a touristy attraction but if you're one for grandiose architecture, beautifully trimmed shrubbery and long walks, then it's a must see if you ever visit Vienna. Plus, they occasionally have special art installations around the palace and seasonal decorations for Christmas so you don't want to miss out on those, if you get the chance.

Check back in Thursday for another post. I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

xo, Mia

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