Thank You Letter To My Blog

Ya'll it's been a year. A whole year since I've started blogging. I didn't even realise until Jesse reminded me. I mean if we count the months I fell off the grid and didn't post anything, then it hasn't been a full year but we don't count that kind of negativity! ITS BEEN A YEAR!

It's such a big deal for me because if I'm being honest, I am not the best finisher. I start all kinds of thing; creative projects, art, crazy ideas and plans- I'm like a world champion starter, it's the finishing that seems to get away from me. That sneaky little snitch. But I've been working on my focus and my discipline to be a great starter and an even better finisher. My blog is a testament that I am getting a bit better at it (pats self on back ).

Anywho, this is a milestone that I want to celebrate with a letter to my blog:


Hey girl, how you doin? I just want to start off saying

happy first birthday and that you're fantastic! I mean

you've got a lot of growing to do but you're still beautiful

in your own, imperfect, incomplete way. I also wanted

to say thank you for pushing me to grow in all the ways

that I have. You've made me uncomfortable, stressed and

work harder in more ways that I truly didn't expect, and

I am a better person because of it. Thank you for 20 years,

I will be able to recount these treasured gems with a smile

and a grateful heart. Your reminder that I should live a blessed

and beautiful keeping the memories of my life organized so that

in life, is a gift and nudges me to live intentionally. I appreciate

you for what you bring into my life. And for stirring up desire and

passion within my mind and heart. I pray we can always have

this special love affair (sorry Jesse) and that it will only get

more special as the years pass.

xo, mia


And a huge thank you to all of you reading this right now. Thank you for traveling the world with us over the past year and navigating through life with me. You've been more encouraging and supportive than you'll ever know!

Now I'm going to go celebrate with some freshly squeezed juice or tacos, or possible both because balance. I advise you to do the same, just because it's pre-Friday!

xo, Mia

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