5 Things Giving Me Life

True life, I've been sick for about two weeks and I'm starting to lose my mind trapped inside our flat. I've had a mixture of 3 nasty viruses back to back and have basically only left my house for emergency groceries, doctors visits and medicine. It's not cool but it has given me time to live slowly, spend time resting with Jesse and appreciate the arts, aka practice calligraphy and photography, watch some Netflix series and read books on books on books. For that, I am grateful.

1. Mycro 20mm

Just look at it in it's tiny leather case!! It's so stinking cute, it hurts. I don't have film for it yet, but when I do, the world will be changed forever.

look how small

mycro 20mm

2. Watercolor Illustrations

I never would have tried illustrations if it weren't for my sister asking me to make her this. It's always nice to try new things, even when you think you'll majorly suck at them.

watercolour illustration

3. Baked Apples

This is a recipe that my mother in law gave me. And let me tell ya, it's the perfect Christmas sweet treat. It makes the whole house smell like cinnamon and tastes like apple pie with a hint of rum- can't really go wrong.

baked apples

4. DIY Wreaths

Who knew Christmas wreaths were so darn expensive?? This is the product of not wanting to pay 30 euros for one. A good old DIY Christmas just makes me happy.

DIY wreaths

5. The Girl on the Train

I love a good mystery. So naturally I've been wanting to see the movie but I just had to read the book first. I haven't finished yet so no spoilers, but this book is a weird, interesting read so far!

The girl on the train

That's all folks. I'm going to go make some soup for my continually sick self and read some more. I hope you have a happy, refreshing Saturday!

xo, Mia

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