5 Things Giving Me Life

1. Nifty Fifty

What can I say about this lens to convey my deep, deep love and adoration for it? Let me just say that, it's a cheaper lens options, it's light weight and compact, it takes beautiful pictures in low light situations, it creates beautiful bokeh (the dreamy blurriness in the background), is super versatile and is my all time favourite lens. Probably 85% of the pictures on my blog are taken with the 50mm, excluding the two pictures below- I'm not a wizard ya'll! Seriously, if you're a new photographer or blogger looking to up your photography game and you're ballin on a budget then this is a great choice to have in your arsenal!

canon 50mm lens
canon 50 mm lens


2. Gallery Wall

Its been almost a year and half and we're finally hanging pictures in our flat. Talk about procrastination right?! But honestly, the interior decorating thing doesn't come naturally to me, so this is a big win for us. Still, someone feel free to call Joanna Gaines and tell her to come on over for an international fixer upper.

Gallery Wall


3. Moleskin 2017 Planner

So in the last "5 things" post, I talked about this planner, and it just was not doing it for me because it didn't have a monthly overview, which my scatter brain desperately needed. So I traded it in for the Moleskin weekly diary, which is rocking my whole world! Seriously, if you're like me, and your brain needs a monthly and weekly overview with a clean design, then this planner might be for you. Plus it comes with cute little stickers so you can write something on the front. I went with an inspirational quote from one of our modern day poets, Rick Ross the Boss.

moleskin 2017 planner
moleskin planner


4. LAMY joy AL Fountain pen

The Moleskin planner and my beloved Lamy pen go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. Popcorn and the movies. Tea and crumpets. It's like they were made for each other. I got the Lamy pen for Christmas and it writes smoothly and beautifully, and automatically makes anything you write feel more important. Plus you can experiment and interchange the different colours of ink inside the pen. If you're a pen lover, then you need this sleek little beauty.

LAMY joy AL Fountain pen


5. Chalkboard Backsplash

When we got our serving wagon from IKEA to add more counter space, we needed something to act as a backsplash to protect our wall from all of my messes. After much contemplation, we decided that a chalkboard wall decal would be a creative way to protect our walls from all that food splatter and it's been awesome. I'm still working on improving the chalkboard calligraphy but it's fun and functional to have in the kitchen!

chalkboard backsplash

And that's all folks. I hope you have a beautiful and relaxing Sunday!

xo, Mia

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