DIY Travel Savings Envelopes

Jesse and I have dabbled in some traveling over the past few years. We've been to Munich, Garmisch and Innsbruck. We've been to London and Acapulco, Mexico. But we haven"t fully taken advantage of living in the centre of Europe. We made it a goal this year to do more traveling. Even if it's a day trip to a near by city, we want to make it a priority to explore more!

And with Jesse being a full time med student and teaching on the side and me working as an English teacher, we're learning to perfect the art of saving and budgeting. In an attempt to do just that, we came up with the idea of these "Travel Savings Envelopes".

We started with an envelope for every trip we"d like to go on, "Paris", "Barcelona" and "Rome" and every time we get paid or have some cash in our wallets, we stuff it into the envelope of our choice. Instead of leaving the money in our wallets only to be spent on another round of drinks or some late night street food, just throw it in the envelope, as fast as you can! Pretty simple huh?

Luckily, we had some of these gorgeous The Art of Urban Sketching postcards left over from our wedding guest book to use on the front of the envelope. Each postcard correlates to the country we would like to travel and motivates us to save the money.

After using some washing tape to secure the post cards, I quickly wrote the name of the city/country we want to travel to with my Kuretake brush pen and ta-daaa! A personal and specific piggy bank to help aid our traveling desires!

This all sounds so simple and they really seem like a "DUH" but they have really helped to give us a visual respsenation of our savings and have helped us meet our goal! We'll be going to Paris, next Wednesday for a four day trip and we couldn't be more excited!

So give them a try, if you're struggling to save up for a trip, it could be the thing to help you meet your goal! If you do try it out, let me know what you think of them!

xo, Mia

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