5 Things Giving Me Life

Hello everyone! I hope you all had wonderful weeks, full of all the goodness that you love! Here are some of the things that gave me life this week:


1. Setagaya Park

This beautiful Japanese garden is a bit of a hidden gem in Vienna. Complete with fancy bridges, a koi pond, cherry blossom and magnolia trees. It's a beautiful little escape from the city. I would suggest going Monday-Thursday because the park is quite small and you want to avoid the crowds!


2. Bärenland Gummy Bears We walked by this little candy store in the first district called Bärenland and I immediately thought of my brother, who is an even bigger candy feen than me and would have thought he walked into heaven. So naturally I went in to buy him something good. I didn't expect to be greeted by the two nicest salespeople in the entire city, who gave me samples of every type of (deliciious) gummy ever created! Talk about being treated like a queen. I left with a bag of gummy easter eggs for my brother and my new happy place.


3. JBL Speakers

My mom and dad gifted this to us for my birthday and it hasn't stopped playing music since we received it! It is small, lightweight, loud, waterproof, so it comes in the shower with me, connects by bluetooth or through a headphone jack and has a carabiner to take it on hiking adventures or whatever hardcore activity you might want to do.


4. DIY Acrylic Whiteboard

DIY Acrylic Whiteboard by Mr. Kate, a DIY genius. We walked one mile carrying this hunkin' board home if you can imagine that, but it was so worth it because it has changed the game for JesseJesse has been yearning for a huge whiteboard to write all of his scientific and medical madness all over, but I just couldn't say yes to a huge whiteboard taking up our entire living area. So I did some research and found this 's study sessions.


5. Rainy Days Normally these are not my jam, but lately, the sound of the rain hitting the rooftop is the most calming and relaxing thing. Plus you can always takes the best naps in rainy weather. So, there's that!

Happy Sunday lovers!

xo, Mia

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