Flourish: I Don't Have My Shit Together and That's Okay

I do not have it all together. My shits actually a mess, and that's okay. I feel it's important to say this to myself, shamelessly, multiple times a day. Especially now, when the high of New Year's resolutions and "New Year, New Me" is wearing off and I'm struggling to even remember that I have goals.

Work is tiring. I don't work out as much as I need to. I have an endless to-do- list that just keeps rolling over onto the next days. I eat too many tortilla chips and not enough raw vegetables. I curse when something goes wrong (hence the title of this post). I struggle with bouts of sadness and self-doubt. I criticise and judge others and myself way too stringently. I just don't have it all together.

I am not discouraging goal setting or trying to better oneself by any means. You should set goals, ridiculously high goals, in fact! I have them too! Some met and some still unreached.

I only want to say that you shouldn't get so down on yourself for not reaching your goals yet. And that it's okay to wear your hair in a messy bun for a week. It's also okay that you eat salad for dinner every day not because your on an awesome health kick but because it doesn't require a stove or cutting. It's okay not to have your shit totally together. Cut yourself some slack.

We'll all trying here. Let's just not stay in that sad little place. No one wants to eat chunks of iceberg lettuce and cucumbers forever amirite (I ate it for a whole week guys!)??

Eat your tortilla chip and wine dinner and then get moving on to something that you need to work towards because you were made to create! YOU. No one else can do what you can do. They may be able to do something similar, but not the way you do. You were created to do it and you need to share your gift with the world.

Here's a tip that my friend suggested to me and it's really been working for me. Set a 15 minute timer and just work on one thing that has been getting away from you.

Work at it for a focused 15 minutes and you'll be surprised how far you get and how much your desire to keep working has grown!

Try it out. Work. Cut yourself some slack, if its not where you want it to be. Most likely it won't be. But come back tomorrow and do the same thing.

Through the process, remember to laugh. Look in the mirror and tell yourself your beautiful, capable and freakin' awesome. Drink your water. Celebrate the victories no matter how small. Toast to yourself for washing your hair. (Ya'll basically just got my daily routine). And remember to be kind to yourself and live boo boo!

I'm preaching to myself honestly. But if this spoke to anyone else, then cheers to you too!

xo, Mia

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