Atlanta's Best Cheap Eats

Well hello again friends! I've recently come back from a 3 week trip in my old stomping grounds, which is the ATL. It was so nice seeing my friends and family and being in all that delicious free-flowing air conditioning during the summer (Vienna can get stinky hot with no AC) but a lot of work had to be done, during this mostly work trip, because my family is re-opening our restaurant, called Ponko Chicken and I've been working in the marketing/photography side of things. (Was that a run-on sentence? Absolutely, but let's keep it moving!)

Anywho, my mom and aunt are the women bosses who own and manage the full operation, and being able to see them living out their dreams and walking in their purpose is like watching unicorns fly: a very beautiful thing to witness.

Other beautiful unicorn moments occurred as I got to eat all of the things that I was dreaming of while in Vienna (Was that a forced segway? Absolutely). But this important. These are KEY places because they are my MUST VISIT restaurants every time I step foot into town. And the best part is, all of these restaurants are cheap eats!

1. Any kind of biscuit establishment

Vienna has delicious carbs, but they don't have biscuits my friends. The Flying Biscuit, Home Grown, Highland Bakery (for the sweet potato biscuit), homemade biscuits, Waffle House, Chik-fil-a, popeyes. All of them. This is a very southern thing I realise, but I have to have me some biscuits, ya'll!

Homegrown's delicious chicken biscuits with gravy. It's big enough to share but there is no judgement if you don't.

2. Mings BBQ

What to order: Salt and pepper tofu, chinese broccoli, garlic eggplant, honey BBQ pork.

This place is excellent. If ever you find yourself in the area, you need to order all the things listed above, share it family style with a portion of steamed rice and enjoy!

3. Sarah Donuts

What to order: ALL THE DONUTS, specifically, the apple fritter, the sunflower, red velvet, blueberry, crueller, glazed yeast donut, glazed twist donut, see, all the donuts. My dad is king of healthy living but even he can't resist buying a box of these lovelies on a Saturday morning for the fam. And I won't even try any other donuts at this point because everything tastes disgusting after eating Sarah's donuts. They are hand crafted each morning and taste like little sweet clouds sent from heaven. Their "sunflower" donut received the award for best donut in the city of Atlanta, so yeah, it's that great.

The sunflower in all of it's glory.

4. Huy's Sandwiches

What to order: As many sesame balls as possible, and bow pork banh mi's for everyone

If you order 5, you get one free. Just saying.

My man Huy is where it's at for some damn good cheap eats. He is the kindest man and he makes the meanest pork banh mi, with his homemade pickled radishes and jalepenos and fresh cilantro on top of his homemade baguette. Lord, have mercy. If you're not going to see Huy for your banh mi needs, you're not doing it right!

5. Canton House

What to order: Chinese broccoli and any and all dim sum that comes rollin by you.

There is an Asian theme that I'm just now realising, but that's okay. This place is our go to dim sum restaurant. Everything is delicious and amazing and at a great price point. We've had many birthday celebrations in this place and it never ever, ever disappoints.

6. Octane

What to order: The Carmelatto

I cannot attest to anything else in this establishment, except for the iced Carmelatto and the hot Carmelatto, but it's so good that I'm sending you there just for it.

7. Cafe Agora

What to order: The Maza platter and the lamb shish kebab.

The best Mediterranean eats you can get your hands on in Atlanta.

Other non-pictured must sees:

7. Los Hermanos

What to order: Marisco's enchiladas, vegetarian quesadilla, and corn chowder

8. Taco Veloz

What to order: carnitas burrito, poblano burrito, carnitas tacos, their refried beans and CHURROS for everyone

9. Bruster's

What to order: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle in a freshly made waffle cone

10. Ponko Chicken

What to order: original Ponko Chicken, with a side of rice and salad with sweet sesame dressing.

11. Heirloom Market

What to order: Brisket, Ribs, Smoked wings, sweet potatoes, pickles, collards, the whole menu I guess.

(I was not paid to advertise for any of these companies- each one is just delicious and you're missing out on lot's of life if you don't go so go!).

xo, Mia

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