Weekend Getaway: Chiemsee

We snuck away to Chiemsee, Germany recently to celebrate Jesse's grandpa's and

aunt's birthdays (not really recently, it's just taken me FOREVER to blog about this. Le sigh at my work ethic).

However, that does not change the fact that it was the perfect weekend getaway spent with family. There was barely any WIFI, no shopping malls, no movie theaters or any other type of "entertainment" so we really got to spend quality time with one another. And let me tell you, it was so nice! It reminded me of the time Jesse and I went to Unterhausen for Easter and had the best unplugged holiday, ever.

This trip, we went without catching our own food, but it was full of windy boat rides, family dinners, exquisite castles, island exploring and wide open spaces (and wine).

We rented a car for the weekend and drove 4 short hours to get to the port of Gstadt am Chiemsee, before taking the ferry to this picturesque island inhabited by 300 people. We stayed at the lovely (and delicious) Restaurant and Hotel Inselwirt. We picnicked by the water and explored the history, monastery, nature and commerce that the island had to offer, which is mostly made up of handmade goods made by skilled artisans living in their purpose (and being super inspiring).

And because the island is not too big, we ferried over to the sister island, Herreninsel and spent the day walking around the island and touring King Ludwig's castle, coined "baby Versailles" due to their similarities. This castle was serving some fierce architectural and interior design delights. I've never seen more or desired having a chandelier in our flat more. Oh, and gold plated everything. Oh, and the handmade, ornate, ceramic floral everything! Unfortunately, you couldn't take pictures inside, so you'll just have to imagine the grandeur of it all. Or go see it, that would be much more fun!

Moral of the story, if you're in need of a relaxation time, make your way to Fraueninsel Chiemsee and let your hair down and unwind. And if that's not possible, fine nice quiet place to retreat and relax. We all need this time so much to just breathe. Spend time with your family. Love on them. Put your phone down and make some memories that you can cherish later. You won't regret it!

Jesse and I on the water
Gstadt Port
Hotel Inswirt


Wisteria heaven
Sunset at Chiemsee

xo, Mia

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