5 Things Giving Me Life

French Press

Our percolator has been giving us some real bitter coffee, so we switched to french pressing our morning (and afternoon and evening- oops) brews and it really makes the difference! I love it cause it's making some strong yet smooth coffee. Also giving me life: When Jesse makes me coffee I get to say "push it, push it real good."

Sacred Marriage

Jesse and I read this book together before we got married and it was one of the best things we could have done. I decided to give it another read because you can never be "too good" at marriage.


I can't believe that I have been missing out on these two for so long. Which makes me a little sad, but I have finally found them and life is that much better. If you're into soulful, folky- type, beautiful soul-invoking, heart-churning music, check them out! Namely the acapella version of "Let it Matter". Gives me the feels. every. single. time. They be saaaangin'.

Viennese Courtyards

They are so hidden and quiet, generally unseen by the masses. Only the curious and daring get to see the beauty that they possess. I think that I will do an entire post on courtyards of Vienna because they are becoming my favourite. So be looking out for that soon!

Gelateria La Romana

Is it weird that one of my favourite things in the midst of fall is ice cream? No. It's not weird at all because the rule of thumb is, when the sun is shining in Vienna, you line up to get gelato! It doesn't matter the time of year, if the sun in shinning you get a gelato!

I like to celebrate gelato time with the deliciousness that comes out of Gelateria La Romana, because the staff is very friendly and the gelato is the creamiest and most delicious gelato in Vienna. But I'm no snob so you could find me at literally, any other Gelateria. Also they do gelato stuffed brioche so yeah, I ain't stopping until the first snow falls.

I hope you have had some good stuff happening over your way and have a fantastic week!

xo, Mia

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