#30 Open My Own Business

Bucket List item No. 30: Open My Own Business

As of today, I am officially a functioning business owner!!

*Insert gif for dramatic effect*

If you just head over to my brand new store on Etsy, you will be welcomed by calligraphy and hand lettering galore.

It will be a one stop shop, for your photography, calligraphy and design needs.

This is obviously a work in process, like most small businesses are and it's exciting and anxiety ridden all at the same time.

I'm sure things will change and develop over time but for now I am basking in my new online store. All I know is that I want to create beautiful things with my gifts. My hope is that people can relate to my work and in some small way, that it will help them to feel treasured, motivated, encouraged, loved, joyful and happy!

Hopefully, as much joy as Andy from "Parks and Rec" feels in the gif above.

And I am so excited about the stuff I came up with.

Please. please go to my newest site and give my stuff a look. There are only calligraphy prints up for sale for now but I plan to be adding much, much more to the list!

Hooray for checking bucket list items off the list.

And now, off I go create, create, create, create!

And off you go to, my etsy.

I mean Valentine's Day is coming, yeah, off you go to my etsy page.

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