Wachau Valley

Jesse and I were lucky enough to go to Wachau Valley with a couple of friends, who frequent the area. I had heard of how beautiful this area of Austria is and had always wanted to go, so the excitement was real.

Wachau Valley is just west of Vienna, and is known for the rolling hills full of vineyards, along the Danube River, the delicious wine they produce and 'Marillen' or apricot flavoured goods, like schnapps, gummies, chocolates and other yummy treats. So yes, I was excited.

Despite, the fact that the apricot trees and vineyards were only beginning to bloom (thanks to a very long and weird winter), Wachau Valley, did not disappoint! It was as beautiful as I had imagined, and had surpassed all pictures that I could find on Google.

Just an hour outside of Vienna, you'll definitely want to pay a visit if you have the time. You won't be disappointed with the heurigens (a tavern, where a local winemaker serves their new wine and delicious food) wine and the glorious views.

If your a bit sportier and are up for the challenge, biking to Wachau Valley from Vienna is an option. And a gorgeous one at that! It's a 95 km trip, so be warned. But apparently people do it, so if you have the stamina and a pair of padded biker pants, go for it. I guarantee, that it will be a beautiful bike ride. Plus, you'll feel guilty about binging out on the amazing food and wine, once you get there.

xo, Mia

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