3 Hours in Taxco

On our way to Acapulco, we decided to pit stop in the city of Taxco, Mexico. Pronounced: tahs-koh. Population: 50,000. Known for it's production of silver, it is THE pit stop if you want to buy some quality silver on the low-low.

It was a long winding journey off the highway, and we wanted to make sure that we got back to the highway before the sunset, so once we finally got there, we only had about 2 more hours worth of sunlight. So the race was on to see the entire city (and to buy all the silver) before the sun went down.

We ran past it all in search of our beloved jewelry. Traditional stone buildings, narrow cobble stone alley ways, and quaint, beautiful homes, the largest fleet of original mint-condition VW Beetle taxis, and the biggest variety of silver shops that you've ever seen.

I fell behind our gang of 4, becuase I couldn't close my mouth or lower the camera from my face. I wanted to capture every detail of this quaint city in the short time that we had. I wanted to capture something that had as much magic in it, as I was feeling. 

So note to self: slow down. Open your eyes to see and marvel. Beautiful and magnificent things are happening around you, right now. Stay awake to love.

xo, Mia

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