5 Things Giving Me Life

This past week was seriously hard and stressful for both Jesse and myself. I felt like it was never ending with to-do lists and bumps in the road, so this weekend Jesse and I tried to get some real R&R. With all the rain we got in Vienna, it was perfect for watching some movies at home with popcorn in hand, shaking up some cocktails, sing-a longs and dance-off's to some of our favourite music and catching up some sleep and cuddles.

These were some of my helpers this week!


1. Consol Sonnenglas

One of the coolest gifts we received for Christmas was this solar powered mason jar light. Made in South Africa, it charges during the day and by night it has the ability to turn your room into a romantic oasis. Plus, you can hold it, when you walk through your house at night, you feel like you live in the 18th century.


2. Mac "Lady Danger" Lipstick

I'm not a huge make up gal and still call concealer, "cover-up", but lipstick is my jam. It has the power to transform me from a couch potato editing pictures into a baller blogger ready to kick the day's ass. I call it the "power lip". And with a name like "Lady Danger" you know it's going to do the job. It's by far my favourite red lipstick. It's matte but not at all dry and lasts all day, even after drinking 3 cups of coffee!


3. Popcorn Boxes

I know I talk about popcorn a whole bunch, but just how cute are these? They make eating popcorn even more enjoyable, if that's even possible. These little cuties were gifted by a friend who knows my popcorn lovin' heart. They are from Tiger, but you can get similar ones here on Amazon.


4. Flower bouquets

It was recently my birthday and I surprised with gorgeous bouquets from some lovely, lovely people. The bright blooms and all the greenery made me feel so happy and loved. It honestly made my whole week.


5. Labrinth

He's just giving me all the music feels, especially the song "Jealous". It's a little on the sad side, but Lord it's so, so good.

I hope your past week was great and that you were able to rest and recharge for the week a head of us. If not, get a start on it now! I hope you have a great day lovers!

xo, Mia

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