Candella: London Tea Room

My sisters, mom and aunt aka my second mom, have a serious love affair for high tea. We created our own tea time at home more times than I can remember, and right before I moved to Vienna, we went to have our first actual high tea together at the St. Regis in Atlanta.

We got all dolled up in our tea party best and sat in that cafe for hours nibbling on salmon sandwiches and sweet treats, sipping on our hot teas and talking about our lives and the love that fills them. It is one of my favourite memories with my women. All strong, all beautiful, all graciously placed in my life, all my preciouses (said in Gollum voice).

So take my love for tea time and then image the way my heart looked when I went for tea time with some of the loves of my life, in freakin' London! Stumbling upon this tea room was just another one of those wonderful coincidences and although we just stuffed ourselves with lunch, we decided to go for it because well, why not?

We walked in to find the most adorable arrangement of arm chairs and couches, tea cups, teapots saucers displayed around the cafe, painted adornments on the wall, chandeliers hanging in the tiny cafe and a spread of delicious looking sweet treats.

The cafè was quiet, comfortable and had two of the friendliest servers we met in London, who quickly served up hot cups of tea and delicious homemade cakes that we shared in the cosy ambience.

I am not biggest fan of lemon meringue pie, BUT this. Was. Amazing. It was the best thing we ordered and I wad so, so sad when it was gone. So if you are to stumble into this cafe, please do yourself a favour and order the lemon pie above!

Twas the perfect, first London tea room experience in my opinion. A spontaneous and amazing moment that just felt right.


34 Kensington Church St, Kensington, London W8 4HA, UK

Every day: 9AM–7PM

xo, Mia

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