Copycat Whole Foods Mommy Boost Juice

Whole Foods Mommy Boost Juice Copy cat

My favourite juice in the whole world is the fresh pressed "Mommy Boost" juice from Whole Foods. But since I don't have access to Whole Foods in Vienna, and since I can't afford those juices on a regularly basis anyway, I make my own version. I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but this junk is good.

It's spicy, tart, refreshing, sweet and you have clarity of mind, knowing it's good for your body and you're not breaking the bank to drink it on the regular.


Mommy Boost Knock-Off Juice Recipe:

1 whole medium sized beet

1 granny smith apple

1/2 pound of kale

8 large carrots

2 lemons

1 large piece of ginger

Disclaimer: I like my juice with a nice big tart and spicy kick! If you don't, just customise it to your taste! I would recommend reducing the recipe to 1 lemon and using a smaller piece of ginger.


Drink your veggies
Whole Foods Mommy Boost Juice Copy cat

Side note: I am using a Breville juicer and it's working great for me. I think there are better juicers on the market but the quality that I am getting for the price, is great. The pulp has always been very dry after juicing and there is never any pulp in my juice, so if you're on the hunt for juicer- it's a win in my book!

Another side note: I hate wasting the pulp! I always get so sad to throw it away. If I'm juicing carrots, I do them in the beginning altogether, save the pulp and use it for baking like in this carrot bread! That way I get the most out of all of my ingredients.

Rant over. Happy juicing and stay thirsty my friends!

xo, Mia

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