Quarantine Travel Dreaming: Barcelona

Quarantine, who thought we would all be here, amirite? Thank goodness things are starting to get back to normal here in Vienna, my thighs can't take any more of this home-made bread baking quarantine obsession of mine. Restaurants are re-opening this week, shops are welcoming patrons back into their stores and people are returning back to work, all the while wearing masks and adhering to social distancing rules.

The taste and smell of normalcy is oh so sweet, but I still don't think that any international holidays are going to be happening this summer.

So here I am, organizing my hard drives, photos and albums and while doing so, re-living the trips that we have taken. I'm dreaming and planning out our next big adventures, as I'm sure all of you globetrotters are. So let's daydream together shall we? Of better, more sunshiny, sangria-filled days and count down until we can travel and see the whole wide world again.

Yes, gone are the days of travel. But take heart, fellow globetrotters, it won't be like this forever. For now, stay safe and healthy, be wise, keep dreaming and come away with me to Barcelona.

xo, Mia

Top Barcelona Tips:

1. Visit Mercat de la Boqueria: You can happily eat here everyday and not get bored! Think: fresh fruit (watermelon), cheap smoothies, fried calamari, jamon, paella, fresh oysters, sweet treats and more. It's foodie heaven!

2. See the city by bike: I feel like I'm always saying this but rent some bikes! It's such a great way to see a lot of the city. Store them securely inside your hotel or Airbnb. Sadly, our first round of rented bikes' tires were all slashed and we had to get some new ones. Regardless, I found Barcelona to be very bike friendly and the perfect way to see the city.

3. Tapas and sangria: Tapas are fun. They allow you to just snack and drink the whole day. You eat, walk around for an hour, then sit down at another amazing restauarant for another round of tapas and and sangria. It's food heaven-- (there's a theme here).

3. Parc de la Ciutadella: The fountains, the trees, the landscaping, it's all just very grand and beautiful. Walking through was such a peaceful experience.

4. Go to Park Güell: We biked from our airbnb to get here. To be honest, it was a difficult trip! Mostly because it was majority uphill, very hot with little shade. But we needed to work off all that bread and tapas we'd been eating, so it was fine. Plus the views from the top were worth it.

5. Eat at Petra: If you do nothing else on this list, you must eat the grilled octopus with potato and leeks at Petra. Life changing good. (There is definitely a food theme--what's new?).

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