So... where were we?

Where are we? What's going on? What year is it?

The year is 2020. There are threats of WWIII, Keanu Reeves has peaked, cars drive themselves, bushfires have ravaged Australia and oceans are polluted with single use plastic (mixing in a little bit of the horrible with the good, and the weird).

It's been a minute since we last chat, honey. My bad, about that. I lost all my creative juices and desires to write, photograph, calligraph-fy, read, doodle, bake and even cook (GASP- but notice I didn't say eat). It was a weird time for my gypsy life.

But here we are, continuing to blog, mostly because my subscription automatically renewed and I don't want to waste my hard earned money on the annual subscription, that is my blog. Just keeping it real. But also- because I miss putting my thoughts into words into a well organized virtual space. I was feeling the itch of that tenacious, creativity rash that can only be ignored for so long. It's a persistent little bugger. So here we are.

So we're sort of going to do this thing in a retro-grade sort of matter. Let's begin shall we?

There's lots that happened while we've been offline- for instance, we've become vagabonds! Jesse and I have moved out of our cute little flat in Vienna (insert sad face here) and we have been on a year+ long trip around the world. We've walked the London Bridge together, tapas and sangria'ed our way through Barcelona, Vespa'ed to all the major monuments in Rome, became beach bums in Crete, then off the US it was (Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Hawaii), then returned to the German speaking territories of Munich, which is where we currently are!

We've had our backpacks, suitcases and our passports to accompany us on our travels and darling, we're just getting started.

xo, Mia