Flourish: You're More Beautiful Than Cinderella

I'm feeling pretty passionately about humans knowing their self-worth and treating themselves like the queen and king that they are. My heart hurts when I see perfectly beautiful people, inside and out, women, men, boys and girls who are unaware of their worth and value.

I want them to know that they were created and are adored and loved by a God who created the universe, the seas, the flowers and trees, every animal and them, for a specific and salient reason.

I want you to know that your past, doesn't define you.

Your relationship status and friend count, don't define you.

The things whispered about you and the way others treat you, don't define you.

The amount on your pay checks and your zip code, don't define you.

The fact that we were created in God's image, by God and for God.

That's who we are. We need to know this. To our core. And we don't need to let the world or any individual tell us anything otherwise.

With that being said, here's a really ridiculous quote from Bridesmaids, that I fully stand behind. Because you are more beautiful than Cinderella, inside and out! So keep shining!

xo, Mia

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