3 Reasons Watercolour is the Bomb

August 15, 2016

There's something so gratifying and exciting about receiving a physical letter in the mail. It means someone took the time to buy a card, write in it, put some postage on it and send it off to you. It's so intentional and heartwarming. And I know, there's gotta befellow mail receiving lovers like me, but instead of buying some cards and shipping them off, I createdthese simple watercolour babies. Cause I love me some watercolour!  Sidetone: I don't usually spell watercolour with a "U" but Jesse's european computer believes I should and it just looks fancier that way so let's just ride with it. 


I'll also note, that I use the word watercolour loosely, as I merely slap some watery paint on paper and call it magic, but ultimately that's all watercolour is right?  I would know, I'm a professional. Nonetheless, I made dis', I will stand behind it 100% and will never stop making pretty watercolour things because:



1. It's simple. 

You don't have to be remarkably creative or artistically blessed in order to do it. You just need a little bit of patience, some water, paint and paper and you're golden! Just paint it on and blend a bit until you like what you see and ta- da, you're end result will make you feel like Van Gogh.


2. It's versatile. 

You can put it on anything; greeting cards, wrapping paper, place cards, personalised stationary, shoes, t-shirts, tattoos (hmm..), anything your sweet heart desires! 


3. It's just pretty, gosh darn it. 

I love the way the colours flow and blend together so naturally. It's just simply beautiful to me. If I have to convince you of this, you probably hated this post anyway!




Things you'll need for DIY cards:

+ watercolour 

+ paintbrushes

+ pencils erasers (used for the polka dots)

+ 4 x 6 plain white stationary set (or whatever color you want) 

+ calligraphy ink and dip pen (or markers, whatever you have on hand) 

(I used gold Winsor & Newton ink because I'm obsessed with gold right now and also black Speedball ink, pen holder and nib)




Step 1:

Paint some sort of background. I'm not the best painter in the world, but I am a sucker for watercolour ombré so I went with it for the card above. I painted three colours (green, blue and purple) in horizontal panels and slightly overlapped the colours, making it blend ever so nicely. 




Step 2:

Let it dry completely before writing. It breaks my heart when I'm impatient and the ink just blends right into the watercolour for a huge ink blob, ruining all of your hard work (happens to me a lot-I'm learning). 





Step 3:

Now that it's dry, write your beautiful heart felt note to all the special peoples in your life; your beloved mother, your friends expecting their first baby boy or a dear friend that you miss. And then ship it off right away, or it will sit in a pile of papers, never to be seen by its' intended recipient! I swear, mailing it is the hardest part.




So go forth my darlings and tell someone you love, miss and/or appreciate them! Nothing says it better than a hand- crafted, watercolour creation! 


xo, Mia




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