5 Things Giving Me Life

March 7, 2017


I'm starting off Tuesday with a bang cause sometimes you need to motivate yourself to get over the fact that it's only Tuesday. Here are some of the things helping me cope that we've got 3 more days until the weekend.  Though they are small, they are mighty. ​



1. Ginger Honey Crystal Tea 

This has been my go to tea in recent days. I love anything that has to do with ginger and honey, making this the perfect spicy, sweet mix to get me going! 


2. Victoria's Secret Long Line Bralette

While in the states, they were having a 2 for $25 bralette sale, so I bought two of these lacy, comfortable and underwire-less numbers that just makes me feel like Spring and Summer. 



3. Rhodia Notebook

I've been hearing so much goodness about the quality of these notebooks for so long, that when I saw one at Libro, I just had to get it immediately. I had no idea that paper could be so smooth!! I won't ever practice calligraphy on anything else. I think I just heard all my brush pens simultaneously whisper, "thank you God". 




4. Linchpin 

I am currently reading Linchpin: Are You Indespensible by Seth Godin and I'm lovin' it! It's for anyone who desires to make a significant difference in their work place, organisation or business. I'm only a few pages in and I'm already feeling so inspired to become a Linchpin. 



5.  Madewell Cyrstalline Travel Bag 

Gifted by my amazing and stylish new brother-in-law and sister for helping with their wedding, is this gorgeous, crystalline travel bag from Madewell. Making it not only easy to find that certain shade of lipstick but making me a happy girl to think of my sister's wedding every time I use it. 


That's it ya'll! Do something crazy, relaxing or ambitious and enjoy your Tuesday! 

xo, Mia 



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