5 Things Giving Me Life

March 26, 2017

Happy Sunday beautiful people!


If it were not for the people gifting me some really awesome things, I don't think I would ever have anything cool to talk about. Thank goodness God loves me and placed some really amazing people in my life who have the love language of giving! 

1. J. Herbin glass pen and J. Herbin ink
Look how beautiful it is! Just look at it! It's a hand-made glass dip pen for calligraphy. If you know anyone who likes calligraphy this would be the perfect gift. It was certainly one of the favourite gifts that I received! 



2. The Art of Urban Sketching Postcards

This is a collection of hand sketched postcards from different artists scattered around the world. Some are watercolored, some are with pencil, some are mixed media and since each postcard is created by a different artist, every one has it's own special flare. We used them as our guest book for our wedding and had so many left over that we use them as art and I just did a little DIY that incorporated them.


So handy, so beautiful and so inspiring to travel more! 


 3. Alverde Wild Rose Face Lotion and Wild Rose Oil 

I've been using these products for about 3 weeks now, since turning 26, in my attempt to stop aging dead in its tracks- ahem- and they just make my skin feel so good. I have normal to dry skin and they really help to keep my face moisturised, but not oily.  It's all natural and organic, and it makes your face smell like a blooming garden. 



4. SweetTart Jellybeans 

Another gift sent from my sweet momma all the way from Georgia because she knows me. These only come out during the Easter/Spring season and when they do, I used to buy like 5 bags just to keep the stash full. The jellies below are already gone so... who wants to send me some more?! :) 


 5. Spring blooms 

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Spring is my favourite season in Vienna. Mostly because I am just joyful that we don't have to endure the winter and snow anymore but also because of these flowers. I probably spent 30 minutes taking pictures of this one tree today. So. Much. Pretty. 



Get out there are enjoy it folks! I hope you have a beautiful and relaxing day! 


xo, Mia



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