5 Things Giving Me Life

June 2, 2017

Hey folks, it's been a while since we've seen a 5 thing post but I'm back and ready to show some love for the things that I love! 



Spinat Knödel

Talk about revolutionary! If you've never tasted a homemade spinach dumpling, get your life together and get your hands on one.  It's drenched in brown butter and topped with parmesan, so of course it's delicious.





Peony Season

Peonies are my all time favourite flower. They're just so full of life, colourful and happy flowers. 






















Marco Polo Travel Guides

 I've always thought, mehhhh, when it comes to travel guides. I prefer spontaneous, fun adventure when I'm traveling but honestly, this guide gave us so much insight into being boss tourists in Paris! I can't imagine what our trip would have looked like without these guides







I've been wanting a Pouf for forever, and when I saw this one at Hofer aka Aldi aka a grocery store that has home goods, it was a no brainer. I loaded her up in my bike basket and this little grey ball of comfort came home that day. She's been getting all kinds of use!







I wasn't always a fan to be honest. But it's the fruit of Austria and you can't escape it. And when in Austria, you do as the Austrians do. With the summer season kicking off to firey hellish temperatures, it is apricot season and I am so glad about it! They are sweet and refreshing and can baked into almost anything, like these fruit tarts! 





That's all for now!  I hope you have a beautiful week and enjoy it! 


xo, Mia




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