5 Things Giving Me Life

February 11, 2017


Hello gorgeous people! It's been a minute since I've posted and that's because I was in glorious London trying to do all of the things in the short 3 days that I was there. I spent most of the time laughing, drinking eating, wandering the streets and practicing my British accent with my lovers from the states. 



I've needed 4 days to recover from my sleep deprivation and the intense french fry hangover.. ahem, I mean chips hangover that I was in. I could list 5,000 things that gave me life in London- seriously I felt so alive in this dang city- but since we're just going to name 5, I'll go with these.



1. Tom Foolery with the bests.

We were true tourists, nay explorers, nay adventurers. We were loud, crazy, amazed and enjoyed ourselves way too much. My heart was so full to be reunited with them. I can't even describe it. We've always dreamt of traveling the world together and it's happening. And It's only the beginning!







2. Notting freaking Hill

I mean honestly. Just look at these gorgeously, coloured buildings!!! I think we all fell in love the day we explored Notting Hill, and you can see why! Plus we had the BEST brunch at Eggbreak while we were there so that tripled the love we felt for this cute area! 







3. London's Facades

Exposed brick, tiny hole in the wall cafes and restaurants, colourful buildings, crooked, cute doorways, potted flowers. UGH. It was too much for me to handle at times. 






4. London at night 

In true London form, it rained every day we were there, but I think it made the streets even more beautiful at night. Everything glistened, shone and reflected the twinkling lights of London. 



 5. British Pubs

I'm not the biggest drinker, but when in Rome right? We celebrated in a plethora of pubs drinking pints, as we were told on numerous occasions, "like real British men". Apparently women don't drink pints, but again, when in Rome. The cute, cozy and beautiful interiors of each pub made it difficult not to walk in and the overtly friendly bartenders and fellow pint drinkers made it easy to stay. 


More on the London trip very, very soon! I've got lots to chat with you about! Until then, have a beautiful weekend. Whether you're staying in or going out, drinking pints or eating chips. I hope you feel alive doing it! 


xo, Mia




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