Vienna Grocery Stores Open on Sunday

March 25, 2017

Hey beauties! So if you read my last blog about planning for your trip to Vienna , then you already know that nothing is open on Sundays. And I get that there are 6 other days in the week to prepare for the shutting down of the city, but if you're anything like me, you still suck at having food in the house on a Sunday. And you're left to eating oatmeal for breakfast and dinner- this happened to us the other night.




Or you're better than me and went shopping at the markets on Saturday like all the other normal people. But wait! You forgot the milk for your French Toast Casserole brunch, and need milk pronto! Well I'm here to help you with a list of all of the grocery and convenience stores that are open on a Sunday in Vienna! 


I will note that some of these stores may be slightly more expensive and are typically smaller in size. You may not have 3 choices of soy sauce but they will have your basic necessities, in case of emergency cooking situations! Let's not be too snobby and just be grateful something is open! 


  1. Spar Market 

    Located on Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Wien

    Open on Sunday from 6:00- 19:30

*This Spar is actually located inside the AKH hospital and while it is not the biggest of stores, it gets the job done! 

  1. Spar Market 

    Located on Babenbergerstraße 9, 1010 Wien

    Open on Sunday from 10:00–19:00


  2. U3 Supermarkt


    Located in the underground at U3/U6 Westbanhof station, 1070

    Open on Sunday from 7:00–12:00

*This market has a pretty good selection of import goods, like Reese's cups.. not that I know from experience. A friend told me...

  1. OKAY Market 

    Located in the underground at Schottentor station, 1010

    Open on Sunday from 8:00–21:00


  2. Billa  


    Julius-Tandler-Platz 3, 1090 Wien

    Open on Sunday from 6:00–22:00


  6. Billa  

     Wien Praterstern Bahnhof, Praterstern, 1020 Wien

     Open on Sunday from 6:00-22:00 

Or you could just say screw it and go eat some pizza from Luna Rossa. Whatever you do, just don' t stay hungry friends!


If, you know of any other places open for grocery shopping on a Sunday, please fill me in! 



xo, Mia




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